D&D Med Service has a very precise mission:

To help medical devices companies overcoming supply chain most thorny challenges, thus freeing up time, money and workforce that can now be devoted to business growth

A very demanding and complex market

Medical devices industry requires hyper-specialised skills, appropriate tools, precise and punctual processes.
We've been operating in logistics of biomedical prosthesis, surgical kits, orthopedics and trauma unit instruments for over 20 years. Not only we are perfectly aware of obstacles, problems and challenges that are common in this industry, we have solutions to manage it.
Given that rules and regulations change every year, to keep yourself up to date is an increasingly difficult task.
It will be our job to make sure that your supply chain is legally bulletproof in every step of the process.


Shkoza Colombo Pellumb

Started as a logistics consultant at Synthes and J&J MedTech, he became Logistics Director at Link Italy and eventually grew into a multifaceted entrepreneur.

Thanks to his broad vision of the industry, he has business management soft skills, and he is specialised in supply chain.

Cristian Carai

Starting as a warehouseman in Medtronic, he reached managerial roles in many big companies: among those, Warehouse and Logistics Director, Quality Control Director and Customer Service Director at ZimmerBiomet, Synthes (trauma unit), J&J MedTech.

With over 20 years of experience in medical devices companies, he has a well grounded technical know-how in medical devices and surgical logistics.


To ensure you can take your business back under control

Our only mission is to remove worries and troubles out of your business, so that you can focus back energies, time and workforce on what matters most: closing sales and making your company thrive.
We will help you to meet the most demanding needs of doctors, surgeons and hospitals, to uplift and rejuvenate the supply chain and to cut out every friction point that doesn't let you 100% focus on your business.
We will supervise back office and front end communications with hospitals, so that your salesmen can go back to what they do best: selling, creating rapports and nurturing clients.
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