We'll take care of the supply chain, so you can focus on increasing sales and growing your business

Outsourced logistics for medical devices, prosthesis, surgical kits and instruments

We manage storage, deliveries, decontamination and customer service, you take back control of your business

Operational chain

A full-fledged outsourced solution of storage, deliveries, decontamination, kit withdrawal and kit assembly

Entrust the experts

20+ years of experience in medical devices industry

Logistics highway

With a fast and precise service, we can even manage products for trauma unit

Tailor-made assistance

A flexible hours, direct help assistance personalised for your needs

Customer service

Billing management, deposits, loans, walking implants, recurring reports, backoffice services

Every medical device that you sell has the potential to save a human life.

For patients this is a personal matter, for you it’s also a business.
A business that is getting more complex every year, with increasingly strict rules and ever-changing regulations.

With stakes so high, it’s the moment to re-evaluate the way your medical devices and surgical kits are inventoried, distributed and tracked.

D&D Med Service is here to help.
Our mission?

To help entrepreneurs taking the business back under control

While we take charge of operations, you'll have more time and energy to regain control of your business and make it grow.

Discover how we do it.

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D&D Med Service takes care of every phase of the supply chain

Storage and product inventory
Surgical kits assembly
Medical devices packaging
Surgical kits decontamination
Deliveries and carriers management
Collection of the goods
Our history

Over 20 years of specialised experience at your disposal

Hi, I'm Cristian Carai and I've been working for over 20 years as Head of Logistics, Storage and Quality Control in several medical devices big corporations, like ZimmerBiomet, Synthes (trauma unit) and J&J MedTech.
My associate Colombo has worked aswell as Logistics Director, then he started his own business, managing companies in different industries.
Our strength arises from the union of his entrepreneurial experience with my specialised medical devices knowledge.
We understand you. We are aware of every medical logistics obstacle, we know how excessively demanding surgeons and hospitals can be, and we realise how hard it is to keep up with ever-changing regulations.
Combining our expertise, we decided to create a ready to use, key-in-hand solution: we'll take care of supply chain most thorny problems, thus becoming the ideal partner for companies that produce or distribute medical devices.
Our mission is to take charge of the most critical issues of your operations, so you can take your business back under control.
We will work on the whole supply chain, you will have more free resources (time, money, energy, workforce) that you can invest to get more sales and improve rapport with your clients.

More than a passive supplier, we'll be an engaged partner on your side

We know exactly what entrepreneurs like you need to grow their business, and we know that your clients expect from you nothing less than a flawless execution.
We've been working in this industry for over 20 years. We are aware of your needs, problems, compelling challenges and - more important than that - we have solutions.
Once you join us, our team will be devoted to your results in every step of the process. We will make sure that you have the best logistics tools and the most efficient operational chain. We'll be trustworthy partners, always focused on your company's growth.

D&D Med Service will bring these benefits to your company:

We make your business scale up

By taking care of the supply chain, we free up time, space and energy for your staff. These are resources that you can invest in business growth

A ready to use, key-in-hand solution

Want to expand your business? Open new markets? Don't invest time and money searching for storage, new employees, technical training and official certifications, do it the easy way. With us you can start immediately, without slowing the business down

Transform your fixed cost in a variable one

The amount you'll pay will be based on the effective storage space occupied by your products and on in-rotation medical devices.

Specialised in medical devices

We know very well dynamics and challenges of this industry.
We have every certification and attentions needed to properly manage decontamination, kit assembly and testing, cold chain and everything your business need

Just one provider to manage the whole supply chain

We'll take care of every phase: storage, collection of goods, kit decontamination and assembly, billing, deliveries, couriers communications, reporting, backoffice services. You will have just one partner with an all encompassing service, to which you can safely entrust every step of the process

Medical devices always on time, for who needs them the most

Our supply chain is greatly optimised, and it enables us to rotate products in the most efficient way. Thanks to our 'Just in Time' service no device will ever be late. We guarantee that from the moment your product enter our warehouse, to when it's decontaminated, re-assembled, ready for use and to be delivered, it will only take 150 minutes

Reclaim your time back and focus on business growth

Your job is to thrive with your company, our job is to help you making it possible. Entrust to us the supply chain to take more control on sales and scale up your business

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