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Here begins the tour. Welcome in the world of D&D Med Service.

Products storage

Every single product our clients entrust to us brings along an honourable commitment
Discover in this video how they get managed.

Cold chain

Cold chain management step by step. Processes to maintain the right temperatures your products need.


Kit decontamination

One of the most important and tricky processes in a medical devices warehouse. Here’s how surgical kits decontamination is done and why it is necessary that it gets monitored every step of the way.


Kit assembly

A fundamental step that must be executed with great care. Discover every procedure and attention that are used in the assembly process.



The last step of the supply chain. Here’s everything that’s behind this key operations piece.

On demand assistance

Usually the most thorny critical issues in medical devices logistics are in customer service. Here’s how we manage assistance and why we offer a tailored service formula.



The phase who frees entrepreneurs from troubles the most. Get a glance to the complex world of medical devices billing in D&D Med Service.


Recurring reports

D&D Med Service has a total transparency policy. Here are the tools we give entrepreneurs and why we do it.

#9 Provision management

Total control on supply chain. Whoever gives us trust has to know that the whole process is in good hands. Discover how we take charge of the full operational chain.


Quality Control

Every step has to follow exactly the required standards. Here’s the precautions we take to make sure everything is perfect.

More than just a logistics provider

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